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German Dry Docks Group.

Perfectly positioned around ship and engine.

The German Dry Docks Group (GDD Group) combines tradition and progress. Our specialists cooperate to offer the complete service range in ship and engine maintenance. MWB Power specialises in services around engine, governor, machinery and installation engineering. German Dry Docks − since February 2017 in close collaboration with BREDO and Mützelfeldtwerft − specialises in conversion, repair and retrofit. German Ship Repair and Rotterdam Ship Repair offer mobile, immediately available 24/07 services for harbour and voyage repairs worldwide.

What sets us apart from the rest:

  • “One-stop-solution”: each company can act autonomously and if required cross-company performances are possible out of one hand
  • “One-face-to-the-customer”: one personal technical project manager from the first talks to cost calculation to delivery and invoicing
  • Great expertise in retrofitting and remotorising
  • Own engine specialists are immediately on site
  • Green solutions and performance improvements all around your ship
  • Worldwide service
  • Great capacities with 10 docks in Bremerhaven-Kaiserhafen/Fischereihafen and Cuxhaven
  • Strong service network in Bremerhaven and Rotterdam


MWB Power is the expert for motors, governor service (Woodward) and drive systems. The services range from simple repairs to the complete fitting of new engines or the conversion to alternative fuels. Achieve more value with our solutions for filtration, separation and drying of operating fluids.


German Dry Docks specialises in conversion, repair and retrofit. With the alliance of German Dry Docks with BREDO and Mützelfeldtwerft and a total of 10 docks, we set standards in competitiveness, service and flexibility. More than 180 qualified employees are available to our customers.


German Ship Repair and its partner Rotterdam Ship Repair offer mobile, immediately available 24/07 service for port repairs of boat, engine and machine along the German-Dutch coast as well as voyage repairs worldwide.


Strong service network

Close collaboration with our partners

German Dry Docks has acquired shares in its long-term partner Rotterdam Ship Repair in September 2015. This will allow us to continue to expand our complete service network for harbour and voyage repairs which already covers the entire German-Dutch costline. Since October 2016, MWB Power has been represented with a subsidiary at Europe's largest deep water port. Hand in hand with Rotterdam Ship Repair, MWB Power Rotterdam covers the entire range of ship and engine repairs on site.

As of February 1, 2017 German Dry Docks AG (GDD), BREDO Dockgesellschaft mbH (BREDO) and Mützelfeldtwerft GmbH & Co. KG will form a shipyard alliance under the umbrella of the German Dry Docks Group. The shipyards will preserve their independence and continue to trade in the market with their names. The aim is to harmonise the business segments with a cross-site dock planning. Customers of all three companies will benefit from the common higher flexibility and dock capacity. The shipyard alliance is an important component in order to offer repairs in Germany at the same prices but with even more service.

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Our central office in Bremerhaven

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